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Celtic Connection June 2011
ProfileLougheed – Mark Hill and Pam Gillman
by Rodger Hara

The Colorado Celtic music community is blessed with many gifted and talented performers who can do many things. Among them are Pamela Gillman and Mark Hill who have combined their artistry to form a new duo called Lougheed – Scottish Gaelic for “head of the lake”. Mark chose the name to honor his father who was born a Lougheed before being adopted and having his name changed. Both Pamela and Mark share a Scots-Irish heritage with one of Pamela’s grandmother’s having been born a Burke with strong connections to County Antrim and the Isle of Skye.

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Denver Celtic Music Examiner, December 11, 2011
Brilliant Hooley at Celtic Broker
by Michael Thompson

Many of the musicians stayed around to trade barbs and sing along with Lougheed, an amazing musical duet of Pam Gillmann and Mark Hill, both multi-instrumental icons in the Denver music scene. The group finished up with a stirring rendition of “Men of Erin” dedicated to Scotty and all his friends.

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